Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why I'm not posting many photos

I lost our camera. This was a while ago, actually. I lost it last May right before we went to Europe. It was the expensive digital one that I lost. I took it to the little park across the street. I remember nearly leaving it at the park and I ran back and picked it up. That's the last time I remember seeing it--who knows what happened. I still had an Advantix camera, but now I can't find that one either.

Most of the pictures I've posted lately were taken by the little digital camera in J's cell phone. That accounts for the graininess and blurriness, but it was still worth it to post them, right?

I've been trying to get J to purchase another camera for us since June or so, when I decided I wasn't going to find the lost camera. The camera I lost was actually J's company camera, and he said he would replace it. However, J is very methodical about electronics purchases. Many online reviews must be read, much research must be conducted. Naturally I don't feel at liberty to speed this process along much with frequent reminders (it's not nagging) because I'm the ninny who lost the camera. Also, J has been insanely busy with work since summer.

Well, today he bought the camera. (I love you, Mi Vida!) I haven't talked with him much today so I don't know when it will arrive, but I'm so excited! I've been too, too long without a camera.

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