Monday, December 19, 2005

sun dogs

Yesterday on our way to church we saw what looked like three suns. I thought it was a millenial sign or something. On either side of the sun were two smaller suns, and those had brightly colored rainbows beside them.

Today J's business partner told him there were not really three suns. (We figured that out after awhile.) They were "sun dogs" and they appear on very cold days. It seems that sun dogs are common, but what we saw was much more dramatic than usual. The picture above and the link below of Alaska Sun Dog are very similar to what we saw.

Here are some sun dog images:
Alaska sun dog


Athena said...

How cool is that! Is this pic an actual pic you took with your camera? Very nice.

Montserrat said...

I've never heard of this before. That is an awesome picture!

Calandria said...

No, the picture is not one I took. I found it on the internet and used it because it looked so much like what we saw.

I did actually have my camera with me, but the battery was dead, darn it! Athena, I remembered the time you were on the way to church and wanted to take a picture of the dewy spider web.

Mallory said...

Now that is awesome. Really, it's wicked cool. I wonder why I've never seen them here in Maine. Maybe it has to be both cold and dry. Hmmmmm....