Monday, December 05, 2005


This morning at the gym someone stole my coat. In the ladies' locker room there is a separate cloak room. The hangers have these weird cords with padlocks on the end so you can lock up your coat! I did not use the coat protection system. I actually laughed to myself when I hung up my 10-yr old, very unstylish coat thinking, "No one's gonna steal this baby." Well, I was wrong. However, I thank the Spirit for whispering to me to take my keys out of my coat pocket and put them in my sweatshirt pocket. I had left my keys in my coat and walked out of the cloak room. It suddenly occurred to me that it might not be the best idea, so I turned back and took my keys. Normally I would not think to do that.

So, someone has my coat.

This afternoon I need to call my dentist and inform him that one of his hygienists was abusive to my daughter. On Saturday morning we arrived 6 minutes late for Georgie's and Lidia's cleanings. The receptionist was chatting with the hygienist. When we came in she dramatically looked at her watch, turned to the hygienist, and asked, "What do you think?" The hygienist made a face like she smelled something bad and said, "We'll do what we can." She approached us (evidently I wasn't supposed to have heard this exchange), forced a smile and said, "We'll do what we can with Georgie today." I looked at her and raised my eyebrows like I had no idea what she was talking about. The receptionist nervously began jabbering about only having 1/2 hr appointment times, and the bad roads, etc.

This was mildly annoying but didn't really bother me. I told myself it was good that they were trying to be more timely with appointments. We've often had to wait over 15 minutes for our appointments at that office. But then on the way home Georgie said her mouth hurt because the hygienist had roughly jammed the film into her mouth for the x-rays. As I questioned her more, I realized that the hygienist had done everything very fast and was rude, sarcastic, and rough. This makes me very angry. Poor Georgie has had lots of work done on her mouth and she's been a real trooper through it all. She has never complained when having work done and never refused to open her mouth. She is a very good patient. It really bothers me a lot that for a simple cleaning she was treated this way! I mean, of course I would be bothered if she were treated this way at the dentist on any occasion, but what I mean is that an appointment of a simple cleaning and x-rays absolutely does not have to be a bad experience.

Anyway, the office does not open until this afternoon, and at that time I will call.

I have another bothersome call to make to the store that rents us Georgie's and Lidia's violins. They left me a highly annoying message on Friday that I was over a year behind on the payments for Georgie's violin. Of course this is absurd. I just sent a check two weeks ago. Normally I would laugh at this silly mistake, but this is the second time they do this and now it's annoying. Last time I called it took them a little while to figure out what they'd done and it is most vexing that we may have to go through it all again.

I hate Mondays.


Athena said...

What a day you've had! I had a somewhat similar experience with our hygienist. I was five minutes late for my appointment and she made me wait another half hour; she decided to work on someone else and make ME wait. I was annoyed. I told the receptionist that I was late because of traffic and that if the hygienist did that again I would go find another dentist. They've been nicer to me ever since--grr. But it's not as if your hygienist had something else to do, right! I'm sure they look forward to chatting between their breaks.

AVE said...

I'd like to kick that hygenist in the teeth. Poor Georgie, next time tell give her a pack of Oreos to eat before the appointment.