Tuesday, January 10, 2006

normal-headed dog

There was a comment insinuating that my dog has an unusually large head. I admit that his head does look somewhat out of proportion in that picture. I took a couple more today from a different angle so you can see that he is normal headed. He really hated me taking his picture. As you can see, he hid under the table to get away from me.


Athena said...

LOL. That's better.

karpete said...

We are considering getting another dog (don't tell my husband) and I want Frodo's twin! Will you share the breeder you got him from? (do you still have my email address?)

Thanks -

Calandria said...

Karen, send me your email address. Do you have mine? Carla does.

Aletha said...

Your dog is cute, cute, cute. I wish we could have a dog but the tax is to high.
We have a very sociable rabbit (no tax on them). He has the run of the yard and house and pretty much runs everything. I joke about eating him when he gets into trouble but he is getting old and I don't think he would taste very good now.

I think your dogs head is fine by the way. I mean how big does it have to be?

Love Aletha