Sunday, July 30, 2006

my flikr photos

Here is the link to my flikr photos.

excavator fun

excavator fun
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I'm posting this picture to my blog from flikr. It's taking me awhile to figure it all out. I am still unable to access the organize feature on flikr. Every time I try a message comes up telling me that my browser does not support flikr. I use Internet Explorer, which supposedly should work. Also, when I try to do a slideshow it won't do it. Has anyone else been able to do slideshow with my pics?

Friday, July 28, 2006

flikr badge

I've uploaded a few pictures from our trip on flikr. If you click on the badge to the left, a window will pop up where you should see that picture. But for some reason, when I do it I have to hit the "refresh" button for the picture to come up.

I've used up all my computer time (and then some) this afternoon so I won't be able to mess with it until tomorrow.

Most of my Maine pics are on J's computer, so I'll get those later and put them up too.


We left Niagara Falls at 5:30 am Wednesday morning and arrived at home sweet home 12:30 am Thursday. We've never done a nineteen hour drive before. Maybe all I should say about that is we made it, but it wasn't pretty.

I meant to post yesterday but didn't get a chance. I have hundreds of pictures from our trip and lots to say, but it will have to wait. I also have lots to do now that we're home, like paying bills, painting, making appointments, etc., you know the drill.

The month in Maine was beautiful. I will forever treasure it. I come back feeling refreshed and renewed. It was everything a good vacation should be. I'm ready to face a long school year of miles and miles of chauffering and stacks and stacks of school papers. Bring it on!

Monday, July 17, 2006


We went to Mount Desert Island with AVE, Uncle J and family. Here are Uncle J and Georgie on Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the north Atlantic seaboard. Bar Harbor is on Mount Desert Island.

best friends

These two cousins are best friends. The other day they were on the beach at camp and cousin L said to Bernie in his low little voice, "I love you, Bernie." Bernie giggled and looked at him as if to say, "Who doesn't?"

Friday, July 14, 2006


On the Fourth we had a pinata to celebrate Marcus's birthday, which was June 27. In the first picture, Marcus impatiently pulls the stick away from cousin Seth. In the second, Underpants Man tries to get the better of Superman. In the third, cousin M decapitates the Man of Steel.

more 4th

Our 4th festivities also included a camp fire and smores. My children love fire. Later we watched fireworks curtesy of other lake residents.

strawberry shortcake

I'm having a wicked hard time uploading these. Well, here's another favorite Maine thing of mine, right up there with moss: strawberry shortcake. Mum, Lidia, and I picked these berries. A true strawberry shortcake is made with fresh biscuit, as shown here. Ml has complained about how people in Maine use the word "biscuit" as both singular and plural, as in "Mum just made a fresh batch of biscuit." I caught myself saying that the other day.

cousins race

the 4th pics

I'm borrowing my cousin's high speed connection again to upload some more Maine pics, these from the 4th of July. AVE is looking beautiful as usual with niece Bernie and then son, "Underpants Man." The photo of cousin Sethy at the grill was taken through a screen door, which is why it turned out like that.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

the rain in Maine

Hello everyone! Here are a few pictures and notes from our trip. I have many Fourth of July photos to upload, but will have to wait for another day. I've borrowed my cousin's computer and high-speed connection to do these. My parents are not able to get high speed at the farm or camp.

It has rained prodigiously here. The lake is higher than I've ever seen it this time of year. One of my favorite Maine things is moss. It's everywhere.


The girls are doing really well with kayaking this year. Last year Lidia wasn't quite strong enough. She has to take breaks, but they got across the lake and back pretty easily.


On Monday J noticed that Marcus was moving, or rather, contorting, in a strange way on his beach towel. His feet, hands, and stomach muscles were moving rhymically. He raised his shoulders and grimaced. J asked him what he was doing, and Marcus replied, "I'm basking in the sun." He then jumped up and ran down to the beach. J came onto the porch and told us. I grabbed my camera and ran out just in time to see Marcus trotting up to this towel saying, "Time to bask, time to bask!" He laid down and proceeded to bask while I took this picture. I wish I'd been able to take it a second sooner when the grimace was more intense.

sand fortress

My parents' camp is on Sebec Lake in central Maine. It is supremely relaxing to go there and lounge about chatting, eating, or reading while the kids play on the beach and swim. Our children have finally grown beyond the age when we had to constantly hover, poised to pluck them from the big rocks they tried to scale or gather them up after they'd toppled over to get a nose full of lake water.

Here with Uncle J, proud of their creation.


This was taken last weekend on the porch at camp. The kids had lunch with their little cousin, and Georgie was distributing cheese balls. Everyone had had what Georgie considered an appropriate amount, but of course they wanted more. Georgie devised a way to keep them happy without falling into what she considered overindulgence. She made them run laps for their cheese balls. They were more than happy to comply.

hill cumorah

Sacred Grove

how Frodo got around

Joseph Smith log cabin

on our way to Grampie's farm

We've been here a week. We set out from Minneapolis last Monday, June 26, at 5:45 am. The children were amazingly well behaved on the first long, long day of our road trip. We made it to the other side of Cleveland. Tuesday morning we drove to Palmyra, New York, and spent the afternoon there looking at Latter-Day Saint Church history sites (photos forthcoming). It was pouring rain when we went through the Sacred Grove, but we had umbrellas. Tuesday night we stayed in a nice hotel in Syracuse, where J planned to have a business meeting the next morning. Marcus walked into the posh lobby area and belted out with his Elizondo voice, "Whoa! This is a nice place! It must be really expensive!" People must think that my son is the rudest of the rude as his two favorite questions to ask friend or stranger are "How much does that cost?" and "How old are you?" When I've spoken with him of the impropriety of these questions, it's in one ear and out the other. Tuesday was Marcus's sixth birthday. That night they got all of their kinks out in the hotel pool.

Wednesday morning J had his meetings and we set out for Utica hoping to make it to my parents' place in Maine about 9 pm. It was not to be. It was the day of massive flooding in upstate New York, and we were trapped in Little Falls, a tiny town outside of Utica, for five hours. Though we felt bad for ourselves, we felt much worse for the poor people effected by the flood. The photo above is of raging flood waters going under a bridge in Little Falls. We did enjoy seeing the beautiful countryside and Amish farms as we tried different roads to get out of that town. Once we were finally on our way again heading east on Hwy 20, we felt bad for those going west! Miles and miles of traffic was moving at a snail's pace. We got to my parents' farm at 2:30 am Thursday.