Friday, February 02, 2007

bok choy noodles

This is not a great photo, but since I don't tend to make this during the day when I have better lighting, it's the best I could do.
This is something my mom made up when they were visiting. We'd just made a trip to Whole Foods and felt like eating our lovely bok choy for lunch. Bok choy is my favorite vegetable right now. It's a mild-flavored cruciferous that all my kids will eat. My kids really like this recipe.
1 large bunch bok choy
1/2 red onion, thin-sliced and chopped in quarters.
1 T garlic, chopped
red pepper flakes
20-25 frozen shrimp, peeled and deveined
1 pkg. (4 servings) udon noodles
ponzu sauce
2 T olive oil
Prepare noodles according to package. Chop bok choy, rinse and drain. Add olive oil to hot skillet. Add onion and garlic, stir for a few minutes until browned. Add red pepper and stir for about a minute. Remove onions and garlic from pan and add shrimp to pan. Cook about 3 min. each side until opaque. Remove shrimp and add bok choy. Cook for a few minutes and add ponzu sauce to taste (a few tablespoons?). Toss everything together in a big bowl, including noodles. Taste and add additional ponzu if needed.


Karen said...

ponzu sauce. udon noodles. Cub Foods?

You inspire me!

mom said...

I LOVE your Whole Foods store---much fresher veggies than the one in Albuquerque. This is a yummy dish.

Julie said...

Mmmmm...I LOOOOVE shrimp. This makes me seriously crave some.