Friday, February 23, 2007

the lost planet of pie

I know I've been posting a lot about Lidia lately to the exclusion of the other kids. She seems to be the one doing a bunch of stuff right now.
For her school's Inventor's Fair last week, Lidia wrote and illustrated a science fiction story called "The Lost Planet of Pie." She taped the pages of her story to one of those display boards. She even made a clay model of Planet Pie.
We were concerned that people might not stop and read Lidia's story. This is a huge event with hundreds of projects! But lots of people stopped, read the entire story, and had encouraging comments for the budding writer. One man put the palm of his hand on Lidia's head and said that he had to "touch the brain of the person who created this story." Hee hee!
Lidia is now working on a story for Reading Rainbow's Young Writers and Illustrators Contest.
Here is an excerpt from "The Lost Planet of Pie:"
What happened to Planet Pie?
There was a planet called Pie. It was called Pie because it was a pie with six lands. There were: Spameatland, Strawberlan, Dariland, Fruland, Veggieland, Chocoland, and The Capital.
Each land had a liberty sculpture. Spameatland had a giant meat ball. Strawberland had a giant Strawberry. Dariland had a Cream cheese mountain. Fruland had a giant banana. Veggieland had a giant pea. Chocoland had a chocolate cactus. The capital was just one house of every land.
Every land had different houses to. People in Spameatland lived in dried meatballs. People in Strawberland lived in strawberries. People in Dariland lived in cheese. People in Fruland lived in apples. People in Vegieland lived in mushrooms. People in Chocoland lived in Chocolate bars.
The planets near Planet Pie were: Planet Kewakastan and Planet Rewarastan.
No one was different at planet pie; every one was just the same as the people here.
The people that used to live in planet Pie were looking for new technology on different planets when they discovered Kewakastan and Rewarastan. When they were looking for new technology the Planet Pie vanished.
Every planet that you desert will vanish.


mom said...

I liked Lidia's play on "desert" in the last line from the excerpt.
She is so creative and prolific. Keep creating, Lidia!

Calandria said...

haha--i'm not sure that was intentional.

athena said...

i would LOVE to live in lidia's chocoland. :) there is SO much depth to her story. and symbolism. different lands and their different ways of eating influenced by their environments. and then leaving their lands for something better, not realising what they might be loosing. all the best for her reading rainbow project. reading rainbow is one of my favourite kids program to watch!

amity said...

My thoughts exactly--I would live in Chocoland on this planet! The pie model is really (excuse the pun) the icing on the cake.

My niece Emma did reading rainbow in kindergarten and her story "Goodbye House" was third place. Quite exciting! Good luck Lidia!