Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I took this pic to show Amity the "progress" I'm making with my hair. It grows so slowly in the winter I feel like pulling on it like I did when I was a kid to make it grow. Last week I thought I'd completely reached my limit with it and I was ready to cut it all off again. But then I colored it and that helped. My natural color is a medium ash brown, but the natural color quickly fades so that it looks like I lighten it even though I don't, and my roots grow in dark. It was looking especially nasty last week but after I colored it I felt better. Better about everything in my life, in fact, though nothing is especially peachy.
We don't look so terrible for having been up half the night. Bernie looks the picture of health here, but she was throwing up a lot and had a high fever. She is slightly better this morning.
I loath February. Marcus has been sick for weeks, off and on, and now Bernie has started. My laundry room which is off the garage, is permanently muddy and gritty. My carpets look appalling. In spite of my efforts to whip my body into submission with careful eating and lots of exercise, it is holding fast to the 5-8 remaining lbs. that are keeping me out of my skinny jeans. I stuck my tongue out at them this morning as they hung in my closet, mocking me. Because of the arctic temperatures we've had here I haven't wanted to go outside to exercise and I hate that. I am not making as rapid progress as I would like with violin. J is going to Budapest on Saturday and I'm not.
O.k., so that's why I hate February but now for some cheering thoughts. I have been buying healthy foods and cooking from scratch. As I waited in the checkout yesterday at Cub, I glanced down at my cart (as a little break from catching up on Cameron's woes, Jennifer's pain, and Angelina's grief) and I felt virtuous seeing the loads of fresh vegetables and whole grains there. We have been out to eat only a couple times this year. Combining that savings with doing my own cleaning now, I have already saved a lot! I feel powerful and capable.
J is usually a sicky this time of year also, but credits my healthy cooking with keeping him well. I attribute it to the excitement of the new business. He is usually at work by 6 am. He leaves work at about 6 pm and comes home to eat with the family and spend a couple hours with the kids. He usually does more work once they're in bed. He is not getting a lot of sleep but feels good anyway.
Bernie wants me to lie down with her and read a book.


Mark and Carla said...

You are so virtuous! All that good cooking. I just don't like cooking--I'm fine for Thanksgiving and Christmas and big things, but the everyday cooking--blech. And do it so well that you've only eaten out a couple times last month? That's fantastic!

As for your hair...I can go a year--literally--without cutting my hair and it doesn't grow. I have a personal loathing for people that can cavalirely (sp) cut their hair or try new styles. Cutting my hair has always been a major multi-year commitment for me! IT grows so slowly. I know that when I am at my wit's end and want to cut it, that's a sign that I'm getting ready to turn a corner and it will become more manageable soon.

Karen said...

Your grocery cart comment made me smile. I read a magazine article once that talked about some gourmet chef who agreed to do a TV appearance where first they went to a local grocery store and approached 3 women at the chek-out line. The chef had to take exactly what was in those carts and prepare a gourmet meal! I have no clue what the outcome was, but I do find myself thinking about that when I am in line waiting to pay. I look at my groceries and imagine what type of meal a profressional chef could make out of what's in my cart. Some days I would be so horribly embarrassed, but then there are others where I cam smile to myself and know that my cart would be perfect for that type of challenge! Sounds like your carts lately would please the chef.

Auntie Lee said...

Having your own business is a lot of work. That is why people will refer to a business as "their baby". When Beth and I had the shop in Portland we would work late into the night, 7 days a week. People who have not done it don't always understand.
I didn't have a business long enouph to burn-out but Beth stuck to it for 20 years. For her it didn't have a happy ending. Many of my friends have had 2 or 3 different businesses before they found the one that worked. In the meantime there is work, short of money, gamble and the hope that your business will be one of the big ones. I imagine the thing J really needs is space. Keep the good food going and the fort down. I am sure he appreciates it.