Saturday, February 10, 2007


J left for work before 5 this morning to get some things ready for his trip. I woke up when he got up and then relaxed back into a deep sleep. When Marcus came hacking and snuffling into my room at 5:15, I felt like he was yanking me out of hibernation. No good trying to get back to sleep, I was up for the day. Now at 8:41 pm I am exhausted. I write this while my children are still shuffling around getting ready for bed. I'm trying to keep my patience and keep awake until 9 when I can turn into Mean Mommy and enforce lights out.

This morning I told the kids that I would take them to Target to get some new toys if they would go down to the basement and pick out some old ones to throw out or give away. They were down there for a good part of the morning. I expected them to come upstairs with a couple of things each. They lugged up a big box full of things and set it down before me. "Whoa!" I said. "Good for you guys!"

"That's not all, Mom!" they yelled gleefully and ran back downstairs. Up they came with two more boxes full.

I cannot express how happy this made me. I am in the midst of a major decluttering. I started about a week ago to make me feel better during this cold snap. I saw an Oprah show about decluttering and that fueled my fire. We have collected way too much junk around here. It is hard for me to declutter for several reasons. 1) I am a Yankee and we believe in being frugal, saving stuff for a rainy day, and all that jazz. 2) When I throw things out, sometimes that means admitting to myself that I made an unwise purchase. 3) Sometimes I feel guilty throwing out gifts from people who visit my house and then wonder wherever is that such-and-such I gave Calandria four Christmases ago?

But as you know, this year my motto is "fear not." So I'm not supposed to be giving a flying fig what people think. I sometimes obsess about the possibility of hurting people's feelings. Maybe J and I need to stop talking about that book we mean to write, One Thousand and One Ways to Offend an Elizondo, dedicated to his mother's family. Maybe it's making me paranoid.

I digress. Sorry, it's the sleepiness. Ah-ha! 9 pm. Lights out. Tomorrow I will post photos of the junk the kids are throwing out (or giving away) and the prize they got at Target.

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Auntie Lee said...

I am a major declutter-er so getting rid of stuff is an art (aaht) for me. Don't just toss stuff. Sell it or give it to the church or school or call the local health and wellfare office. They all know kids that need stuff and your kids will feel like they are helping others.
In this country people don't have yard or garage sales. There is only one day a year that people can sell stuff on the street and that is the queen's birthday (april 30). About 3 weeks before that time I go through the kids rooms. They are much more willing to get rid of stuff if they think they will get 5 or 10 cents for something. Because of the money incentive they get rid of twice the stuff they normally would. The best year we had was when Meg was about 4 yrs.. She had a whole shoebox full of little plastic girly things- rings, hair things and other little junky stuff. Everything in the box was a penny each. She made almost 40 Guldens with that, amazing!

That leggo ship rocks! I wish I lived closer to you guys...Paris has 5 or 6 boxes of leggos and he doesn't play with it anymore..sniff sniff. He would love to play with your kids.