Saturday, March 17, 2007

happy st. pat's

Lidia did a show at the Mall of America last Saturday. She also had two performances yesterday, one at a school and one at an assisted living home. Tonight she has her last one at a country club. She has loved it! She's third from the left [edit: fourth from the left--you can't see the two boys on the ends very well] in the photo above.
I have wanted to post several times this week about various things, including what I'm reading and our last book group. I don't know where this week went! What have I been doing? Not housework. My house is a wreck! Not the mypublisher book I'm making for G. It's not finished yet and it was supposed to be for her birthday. What then, have I been doing? What???
I hope to get some posts up this week, but we are preparing for our trip to Mexico to see J's family. We leave next Monday and will be be back sometime. We're driving so our schedule is flexible. I suppose I shouldn't be revealing on the web that our house will be empty for a few days, as some local burglar could happen upon this post as he is perusing blogs (hey, thieves surf the internet too). "Ah-ha!" he will exclaim and on a certain night next week break into our home while we are unsuspectingly and peacefully sleeping at guelitos' house 1600 miles away. He and his little burglarizing team will freely loot our house of... books? Legos? Our seven-year old t.v.? O.k., so I guess I would be pretty ripped if they took my computer. I'll have to make a bunch of back ups before we leave. I wonder if they would take J's '95 Saturn if I left the keys in it? Maybe I should leave a note saying, "Don't forget the car."


Anonymous said...

That's a great picture! Man, that is so much fun. And she looks like she's got great form! We're having a St. Patrick's party tonight. I'll put those pictures up as soon as I can. (I have a feeling they're going to be rediculous!)

mom said...

Lidia does show great form! Very nice!

athena said...

yes, i think lidia has the best form of them all. :)

enjoy your trip. i'll be thinking of the yummy mexican food!