Saturday, March 24, 2007


I stumbled across these the other day when going through old photos. The top is my fourth grade school picture, the bottom my fifth grade. Several questions come quickly to mind, such as, what was I doing wearing that ugly barn shirt for picture day in fourth grade? I look much happier in my fifth grade picture, and maybe that's because I'm wearing an attractive sweater. I wore that sweater basically every day of fifth grade. Also, I think my mother has some answering to do for those fourth grade bangs. What happened there, Mum? The mullet, which had grown even longer by fifth grade, is bad enough, but did you have to hack my bangs that way?

Yes, Ave, I know that's the pot calling the kettle black. When I was about fourteen and Ave was about ten, I decides her long, even hair (which was beautiful in retrospect) was hopelessly out of fashion. I grabbed the scissors and cut her some feather-able side layers, resulting in the world's hugest mullet. My mother was outraged, but Ave was delighted. I think I did this the night before her school picture, so the look was captured for posterity. It was pretty bad. But Mom, I was fourteen and I had an excuse. What is your excuse for those fourth grade bangs?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Aunt Rinda knew you would end up doing something like that to your sister, and decided that the best time to make everything fair and even in the future was to address it before it even happened. Mother's intuition.

athena said...

my older sister and i were always dressed the same like twins but once the next baby came along my mum seemed to have gaven up on dressing us altogether. i even remember going to school barefoot because i couldn't find my shoes. our school pics are awful and i don't mean awful as in awe either!

what a cutie though. i thought marcus and lidia looked more like j but i can see lots of resemblance in you here. wow. :)

mom said...

My dear, I don't really remember your fourth grade bangs. I expect they were hanging in your eyes and I was attempting to make them appear as if they hadn't just been cut and obviously failed miserably.

But that plaid shirt reminded me of your lack of enthusiasm for "girly" clothes. The shirt was fairly new and you liked it if I remember right. It actually looked much better than it does in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures of you back then makes me think of what I looked like then. I found some old grainy pics and put them on my site. I think you are the one in red.