Friday, March 30, 2007


I find myself with the computer for a few minutes so here's what's going on so far.

We left Minneapolis early Monday morning and drove all the way to south of Fort Worth. The next day we made it in to Reynosa about 4:30 pm. The kids were very good, but who can complain with unlimited Nintendo, movies, and (almost unlimited) junk food? Happy campers.

Wednesday morning we left the kiddos behind with their delighted abuelitos and headed off to Monterrey, about 2 hrs away. J had several meetings there on Wednesday. I read, took self portraits, splurged at a book store, and walked around el centro snapping photos. When J was done with his meetings in the evening, we walked around some more. We chanced upon his cousin, a policeman, in el centro. B was very surprised to see us, not knowing we were in town. He was on duty with three other officers. They have to stay in groups now and carry machine guns because of the virtual war going on there between the police force and the narcotraficantes. The fifteenth officer this year was assassinated the day we were there, and I think there have been about forty people killed who happen to be near the targeted policemen at the times of the assassinations. Four more people were killed last night and five this morning.

This violence is, of course, unnerving to the forthright, hardworking regios of Monterrey. I seem to like Monterrey more every time I visit. I like the people and their open, frank way of speaking. I like the mountains, though they are often obscured by smog. Unfortunately there is a lot of air pollution there. J and I hiked Mt. Chipinque Thursday morning, ate lunch with a friend, and then drove out to Santiago to check out some house lots. Santiago is a town about 20-30 minutes from Monterrey. It is largely made up of ecologically protected area. The development we looked at had beautiful mountain views, walking paths, fresh air, trees, and wild life. We are not planning at this point to move to Monterrey. We like to look around and see what's out there. On the way back to Reynosa J told me that life with me is exciting because I always have something brewing. He said he has no idea where we will end up in two years, but it's fun to be part of my dreams. I liked that.


amity said...

Seriously, "pixscraw" for a word verifier??

You look gorgeous darling, and I am jealous you got to hang out in Monterrey! It is on my list of places ever since I chanced apon Carlos Bravo's pictures.

And J's sweet....

Karen ~ said...

You got me sighing again, you know why.

Love the picture, it's raining here today so I am really jealous.

Stay safe - all those killings - very, very scary.

sippinghotchocolate said...

i seriously think my dreams exhaust my husband! i will have to you in on the latest see that we probably won't be doing it, LOL.

we have a spanish exchange student with us for the week. boy does she get in late from her parties. i can't control it. francoise is due to go to spain as an exchange student in may and i'm nervous. i told olivier that maybe we should wait until we return to texas so she could spend some time in mexico. but he was unsure because of the violence. i'll have to pray about it, i guess. it's nice to hear that the people are friendly and open. i kinda miss that in a way.

and your hair! it looks like your hair is growing!

Auntie Lee said...

Your so pretty....sniff sniff

Julie said...

What a loving thing for your DH to say. I LOVE hearing things like that. Brightens my day. :-)

Montserrat said...

Sounds like a good start to your vacation. It's always encouraging to know that your spouse still enjoys life with you as much as ever after so many years of marriage.

Be safe!

mom said...

Am so happy you all are enjoying your visit and what a delightful thing for your husband to say! Hope Lidia gets her fill of gorditas.