Thursday, April 19, 2007


We finally finished it today on audiobook. We've been listening to it to and from school for over a month, as we started back before spring break.
Lynn Redgrave narrates. She is one of my favorite narrators since I heard her do Chronicles of Narnia, and she really brings this book to life.
I think this is probably the girls' favorite audiobook of the many we've listened to. When I picked them up from school they'd bolt for the car, yelling, "Put on the tape! Put on the tape!" They were seriously intense about it. Georgie is excited about getting Inkspell now, though she says she doesn't want to listen to it on audiobook because it takes too long. She'd rather read it.
I enjoyed it as much as the children did. It's very well-written. The plot is nail-bitingly suspenseful, at least I found it so. The characters are memorable. The descriptive language is limited but powerful. I do admit to zoning out on a few less exciting parts, but very few for such a long book.


Montserrat said...

We also LOVED this book. I think imagining what it would be like for a character in a book to enter our lives is what makes it so appealing for all ages. Inkspell is good too. Be prepared to not see G for a long time while she is off reading somewhere.

Julie said...

I loved this book! What a great story and fantastic characters. I have yet to read Inkspell but it's on my very, very, very large list.