Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I finally got my other Mexico photos from J's computer. I couldn't seem to upload them onto blogger from his computer when we were down there. These three photos were taken in el centro in Monterrey. Amity mentioned Carlos Bravo's photography of Monterrey. For the most part I love his photography, though I'm not into his horror stuff. His view of Monterrey especially interests me. It's so mysterious and dramatic. Very Day-of-the-Deadish. It seems like more of a central Mexico mood to me that I personally don't find in Monterrey. Monterrey is very American. There are signs everywhere in English. They love the Cowboys. They love electronic gadgets, the bigger and more expensive, the better. In fact, regios remind me of Texans. The are friendly, straightforward, no-nonsense, hard-working people. I don't imagine them having much time for mystery and drama, say nothing about subtlety. I wouldn't say that the people are of an especially artistic bent. But who knows, maybe I just haven't discovered Monterrey's gothic side.


ave said...

Looks like there is some beautiful scenery there! However, I have to wonder, is it really that nice or are they just great pictures. I did a google image search of Shiprock, New Mexico once, and by the photos you would think that it was this gorgeous desert paradise, when in reality, it's well, you know, bare and ugly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments..

Carlos Bravo,