Sunday, May 13, 2007

for love

Kids' birthday parties have never been my talent. I'm too shy, I'm uncrafty, I hate leading games, I get flustered. Last year I had told Bernie she could have a princess birthday party but we never were able to schedule it--our Saturdays were too full of other activities. Not that I was heart-broken for myself, but I felt bad for Bernie. I promised her a fifth birthday bash, no matter what.

She invited ten girls, and nine were able to come. As you can see from the photos, they decked themselves out for the festivities in full princess regalia. Our first activity was decorating these princess cone hats. I made the cone hats out of foam, tulle, ribbon, and a very seldom-used hot glue gun. I can't tell you how proud I was of this accomplishment--more than any A+ paper I've ever written! As already noted, I'm uncrafty. Though the princess hats kept falling off and no one wanted to wear them for more than thirty seconds, they looked darn cute in the photo!

After the craft, Georgie, Lidia, and Neighbor Girl took the girls downstairs to play some games with balloon. I don't know what I would have done without those three! Georgie blew up over fifty balloons yesterday morning before the party. They swept, vacuumed, and dusted while I decorated the cake. They let me order them around with very little complaint. They helped a lot with the princess cone hats, and then they took charge of the games. Those three deserve most of the credit for the party coming off well.

After games we ate lunch. The girls were served by Georgie, Lidia, Neighbor Girl, and Marcus. Marcus was really excited about passing out the "princess pickles." Then we did the pinata. Then we opened gifts. Then we had the cake.

I have to admit I'm proud of how the cake turned out too, though it was completely lopsided (or "lopbacked?"). At least it leaned to the back rather than to one of the sides. Georgie christened it, "The Leaning Tower of Bernie."

Then the little dears went home and I collapsed in relief. I overheard Bernie tell her grandfather, who visited for a few days, "It was the best birthday party of my life."

I hate kids' parties, but I do them for love. Georgie and Lidia didn't enjoy spending their Saturday morning cleaning and blowing up balloons, but they did it for love.


Auntie Lee said...

I opened your blogspot and saw that picture of all the little princesses and had to lauph. That is so cute.
The cake is also cute.

ML said...

I know what you mean--isn't love great? It justs insists that we stretch ourselves...and we do it! I still abhore Halloween, but I do it...for love. Okay, AND for peace;)

Mallory said...

Well, congrats on a job well-done! It really can be hard not only to pull off with ingenuity, but also to have the energy to do it all!

athena said...

i hate organising children's parties and i hate hosting them too. is there any wonder why i'm always called to serve in primary? LOL.