Wednesday, June 13, 2007

adios air conditioning

Our air conditioning passed away yesterday afternoon. I got some guys here this morning and they tell me I need to replace the furnace and hot water heater too. We were expecting it at some point. They are the original appliances in a 21 year old house.

But why today? Man, it's hot. We're off to the pool if I'm able to pull my swim suit on over my sweaty body. (Yikes, the hits I will get from searches leading to that last sentence!)


Mark and Carla said...

Oh wow will you be happy with that once the sticker shock wears off! We did it the year before we left (and we did our windows). I was at home full time and I'm cold blooded AND hate being sticky so I'm generally in favor of running the ac and the furnace. We actually had lower bills because things were so much more efficient.

Break out the fans in the meantime and even though I often am irritated by looking on the bright side, I'd rather use a fan than be stuck in a house with no heat!

Montserrat said...

Not fun. Is it very humid there? The humidity on top of the heat would get me. When/if you get tired of the pool you could always plan trips to an AC'd museum, library, or friend's house.

Auntie Lee said...

I love the heat so I am biast to anything about Acs. Mom has a dehumidifier which helps a lot. I think the humidity is worse than the heat.
At least your electric bills will be lower.

Calandria said...

It is not that humid here yet. It's really not so bad now that we have the windows open and fans running. In fact, if I could just sit around and eat ice cream, I wouldn't mind at all. But I've been trying to do all the housework that piled up while I was running from here to there for the end-of-school-year stuff. Yesterday I took three showers because I hate to be sweaty.

Question: Why to kids, when they are taking care of their toys, throw all the trash in with the toys? I provide them with trash bags. Yesterday I found myself screaming, "How many times do you plan on picking up this garbage? Should we set aside some shelf space for it?"

athena said...

well, i want it to be hot here! i mean, we have a beach and all but no sun! olivier tells me that he goes swimming in the pool first thing in the morning. that's not fair! ;)

hey, let us know if you get any weird hits due to that last sentence!

Auntie Lee said...

Ask Gram how she does it. When I am in her house in the summer its freezing. As soon as you walk into her kitchen its like being in a wind tunnel. She doesn't have ac there, only in the upstairs bedrooms. I have to go outside to get warm.

I don't know about the trash in the toybox. Meg does it with clothes in the basket, guess its the same thing. I'm just happy she picks up something. They will probably grow out of it.

You know Gram would say if she was going to vacuum the floor she would say, 'Whatever is on the floor goes into the trash.' and she ment it. I did the same thing a few times and the kids remember forever. It works. Sure I have thrown away some pretty nice toys but to bad. A friend of mine says it is radical but believe me it works and cost is worth it. After once or twice you only have to say it and they believe you. I almost had to throw away a Gameboy once but they saw it just in time.

athena said...

hey that's my philosophy! "whatever's on the floor goes into the trash." and i do do it. no faster way to teach the kids how to pick up after themselves.