Friday, June 01, 2007

checking in

I've been online very little lately (except for making appointments and paying bills and trying to buy a cello). It's spring! I spend as much time as possible on my 3-season porch reading. I'm trying to finish Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China for book group Tuesday.

But I've spent almost no time on the porch. May is crazy. We've been to end-of-year concerts and celebrations and such. Last night was Georgie's Gifted and Talented presentation. The sixth grade did geotopia, and it was so neat to see the counties they created. Georgie has been working on her country for weeks. She named it "Otten." I forgot the camera last night, but I'll have to take a picture of her trifold.

Marcus is playing soccer and J coaches his team. M has made tremendous progress this year. Wow! He can finally kick that ball, and he's not bad as goalie.

I bought some basil. I hope to get it planted Saturday. The tomatoes will have to wait until my Earthbox covers and stake systems arrive.

Over Memorial Day weekend we had friends visiting. The Gs moved to Michigan in April. This was devasting to my children. They grew up with the Gs. In our first house we were neighbors, and they are members of the Church. In the above photo, Lidia and Bernie are with the two G sisters. The girl beside Lidia is "her very best friend in the whole wide world." They always have something exciting going on. They are both dreamers, and Bernie and little G sister go along for the ride. There is an older boy Georgie's age and they have a lot in common. Then there are two little boys, a four year old and a baby. It was a full house! It took me a couple days to recover, but my children were in heaven while they were here.

O.k., enough computer! I'm out to the porch.


Anonymous said...

I had my best friend from kindergarten move right before first grade. That was pretty lame. I know how they feel.

athena said...

ah, end of school madness. i opted out of some of that--stopped the girls' music lessons and all. the principal of the conservatoire wasn't happy. she thought i was being lazy, but i call it unwinding (she's such a twit). :)

good to see hear from you!