Wednesday, June 20, 2007

fish lip

Yesterday we went for a bike ride to the library. It's not that far from our house--just over two miles. I had Bernie in the burley and Lidia and Marcus went on bikes. Georgie is at girls' camp. J is in Chicago. So we enjoyed our little excursion until on the way home when we went down a steep little hill that curved, and poor Marcus didn't make the curve. He landed on his face. His lip was split and it bled everywhere. I stashed his bike in the bushes and squeezed him into the burley with Bernie. My thighs burned that last mile!

He was still very upset when we arrived home. I covered all his owies with band-aids, gave him some ice for his lip, and sat him in the recliner. I put Tom and Jerry on and then called the triage nurse. It was a nasty gash and I wondered if he might need stitches. Before I even had the triage nurse on the line he was laughing at Tom and Jerry. My kids have seen those over and over, but they never tire of them.

He didn't need stitches. But it's still badly swollen. Marcus said he felt like a fish with a hook in his lip.

I went back for the bike a few hours later. It was gone. When I got home from my fruitless search, I told Marcus that I went to find his bike but it wasn't there. His mouth dropped open and he looked at me with wide eyes. "Mom," he said, "Did Jesus take my bike?"

I hope that Jesus has better transportation options. I think it is more likely that the police were alerted to the existence of a rusty, beat-up bike defiling the immaculate trails of our pristine suburb. They surely removed the bike without delay to Lost Bike Land before it could cause further offense. I meant to call today but was too busy reading Gaskell's North and South. More on that later.


athena said...

LOL calandria, not that far to the library? it's two miles! and two miles = very long way!!

sorry to hear about marcus. poor guy. did he need any stitches? when francoise was little she got a bad gash under her eyebrow. we took her to the emergency rooms and they glued it up.

Anonymous said...

It's not that far from out house? I was sure you guys had indoor plumbing.

You can tell Marcus that the ladies like the battle scars. That's why I have L punch me in the face everytime we go out on the town...or maybe that's why I'm still so very single.-dtv

Calandria said...

"out" house! hahaha!

Marcus does seem pretty proud of the lip. He shows it to everyone.

ave said...

He is such a beautiful child. The little swollen lip just adds to his little boy sweetness.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Calandria, two miles isn't all that far. I used to walk down to the end of our road and back with Eden and Ezra and Kait and that's at least 1 1/2 miles altogether. Of course, they did complain a little bit, but I just remind them that I had no intention of having companions on my walks, but that they insisted on coming along. Kait and Ez would usually get over it until I put Ede up on my shoulders for the hike up our driveway. SHE WAS LITTLE!

I'm sorry, Marcus that you're all busted up, buddy. I'm assuming you're a pretty tough little guy though, from what I've seen of you. If Jesus did take your bike, he's probably just making it nicer.

Montserrat said...

I don't think two miles is very far either. That's only halfway around one of our section. Reminds me of taking bike rides with my siblings and Dad through the back roads of Georgia.

athena said...

ok so two miles isn't long. i probably walk that much or more every day. i gues when i think of miles i think "long way" because we use to walk to school when i was in highschool and the road we took was called "the mile." let's just say that whoever called it "the mile" didn't know how long a mile really was because it was a very long way and so that has stuck in my mind ever since.