Friday, June 01, 2007

school daze

Read this in the WSJ. To Joanne Kaufman I say, "Amen, sister."


Sumpy Gump said...

I like the reference to Pride and Prejudice in there.

athena said...

good article. but what i want to know is, what does a parent do? this is the sort of thing i want to avoid if i possibly can.

Calandria said...

sumpy gump, i liked the p and p reference too!

Athena, I don't know how it can be avoided. I really struggle with this. On the one hand, I want my children to develop their talents. On the other, we need time together in our home.

But really, I guess the article was more about things that are not even extra-curricular: the school concerts and parties that every child is involved in. I don't know how it is in France, but here the kids are always having something at school that parents are called in to either help with or attend. Last year I was class parent for both girls' classrooms. It was so much work! The class parent organizes the parties, field trip volunteers, and other volunteers that help the teacher. Honestly, it seems like every time I turned around these kids were having a party. I felt obligated to help as much as I could because there are a limited number of moms who don't work outside the home. Also, since we were new to the school, it helped me get to know the teachers and kids better.

I have to say that I do look forward to going into the schools for whatever MOST of the year. But by the time crazy May comes around, I'm in a "school daze."

athena said...

no we don't have too many extra-curricular activities in the schools here. they do have a lot going outside of school like dancing and music at the conservatoire (lessons are very cheap), swimming, surfing, equitation, etc. i'm with you about wanting experiences and opportunities for our children. since i have been in france (mostly by myself) i have had to weigh (like you say too) the amount of time i spend away from home. i love being home (literally). i love spending lots of time in my home. i get grumpy when i get pulled away from home too much. i understand what you are saying.