Sunday, July 08, 2007

many point

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we were at Many Point scout camp up in northern Minnesota. A friend of ours got a week there as the camp doctor. He has children of similar ages to ours, and they invited us up. We got to stay in a beautiful cabin with a kitchen, washer and dryer, and air conditioning! Yes, our type of camping. And get this: we got to eat all of our meals in the staff room of the dining hall. No cooking! It was SO relaxing. All I could hear were the loons and other birds and the wind rustling through the trees. After 7 pm we got to participate in activities like shooting, archery, wall climbing, and swimming.

We did a lot of fishing because my kids are never happier than when they are fishing. They would fish every day if they could. J takes them fishing at a park here fairly often, but this was much more special because they got to fish from a boat. Even Bernie can bait her own hook and remove the hook from the fish. When they go to the park there are usually Russians, Laotians, or Hmongs there fishing. An old Russian guy was amazed at Bernie's fishing abilities. He watched her for a long time. The funny thing is, neither J or I enjoy fishing. In fact, the reason our children are so proficient is that we tell them we will take them as long as we don't have to do anything.


athena said...

nothing like a good getaway! i would like to try fishing too. our kids have never done it. olivier's not too hot on it though (i'll have to change that!). i use to go eeling with my dad and brothers at night at the water hole we use to swim in during the day. freaky!

(i was asking olivier if he knew who the richest man in the world was and if it was still bill gates. he said it was someone from mexico (someone who owns telecommunications). when he said that i thought of j and thinking, oh yeah i know him. LOL.

ave said...

What a great trip! The climbing wall looks like a lot of fun, wish we had one close by. Do the kids ever want to eat the fish they catch? I remember Seth gutting the fish that he caught when he was eight or nine. You've got quite the group of little adventurers.

hans said...

wow! this is hans eberbach. i'm putting my website together this week ( and i ran across a comment you posted on the cowpuppy ranch blog and had to check you out.
MINNESOTA??!! Marliese's in-laws all live in Minnesota. Anyway-beautiful family. I've got a couple as well.
Hit me up at if you ever see this and get some time. You sound like the same fun, quirky, intelligent, classy girl I once knew.
Congrats on everything.

Karen said...

This is so cool! Ben is going to Many Point next week! I will show him the pics. He will be jealous that G got to do archery, as he couldn't sign up for that course during his week (he's too young - next year he can.) Now you make me want to go up there, too.

Lorainne said...

Many point sounds like the perfect family camping trip. We just got back from camping with our five kids at a state park in Wisconsin. It seems we spent at least half the time preparing, serving and cleaning up meals. How great having the meals prepared and served for you. And think of all the time saved not packing food for the trip. Sounds awesome.