Friday, July 20, 2007

with mom and dad


Mama Ava said...

Great pics. You do such a great job of capturing the everyday-ness of life. Your grandkids will love you some day for it--being able to see pics of their mom and dad.

My kids loved that park, btw. They always try to fall down extra hard on the rubberized ground. Doesn't it have that little cart or something that you pull or wheel across?

Homesickness. *sigh*

Dave Thurston said...

Not to hi-jack your current blog, but this is (a little) interesting.

I found your site via beehive academy (or vice-versa).

About a week ago, I found "MN to Tanzania" as I was doing a search for blogs in South Africa.

Then today, I saw the name "Mama Ava", remembered that name, and thought that it was interesting that your site brought it all full circle.

Small world kind of thing that I found intersting (and a little amazing).

Calandria said...

Dave, that's funny. It's a small blogging world, I guess. But it isn't really, so that does make it interesting and amazing. The Minneapolis to TZ blog is so inspiring. Whenever I read it I think, this is Mama Ava. I used to hang out at her house, eat pizza, and swap kid stories. Now she's on the other side of the world having this adventure! One friend of mine tried out blogging but then decided that bloggers were too self-promoting and mediocre and she didn't want to be part of that. Well, I can't speak for my own blog, but I would never want to give up the blogger friends I've made over the past couple years. I don't know, maybe we are a bunch of mediocre naval gazers, but I feel like I've learned and grown by my association in this community.

Calandria said...

dave t, i just looked at your blog and your oldest daughter totally looks like keeley hawes from wives and daughters.

oh, and i want to say too, isn't Beehive Academy awesome? How could anyone call that mediocre? Hello! sorry--it seems i'm on a soap box tonight.

Mama Ava said...

here's a funny thing--at the top of a blog you can click "next blog" and it will randomly take you to other blogger blogs. I've found some great "navel-gazing" celebrity watching ones, I found one written by a woman who is lego master designer at legoland (you know, the people that make the kits), I've read very conservative and very liberal views...not something that I'd want to consume too much of my personal time, but it is interesting what people put out there.

And not too many of them, really, are that self-promoting. Most seem to be ways to keep in touch with family and friends or collect information...

So keep it up Calandria! I'm waiting for your Europe trip pics!

Dave Thurston said...

Heck, I figure that blogging is a way to practice writing (knowing that other people just might read what you've written), provide a little insight to one's self, and then also provide a bonus family how-goes-it.

It is also quite eye-opening to see/learn that everyday people have some good and important things to say. Puts a positive spin on the whole grading of our society.

So, I think that I'll continue to write blogs and read blogs.

Re: Keeley Hawes, I admit that I had to google her! But after seeing her, my daughter will (I'm sure) take that as quite a compliment. Thanks.