Monday, August 13, 2007

july 28 dingle pub music

We only had one night in Dingle. If I'd known how great it was, I would have skipped Kilkenny and Cashel and went straight for Dingle. Not that I didn't like Kilkenny and Cashel, but Dingle was without doubt our favorite place.
We got in Saturday evening after a long drive and we were so tired. To be truthful, I considered skipping the pubs. I knew they would be especially crowded on a Saturday and all I felt like doing was to curl up in bed. As probably everyone knows who is reading this, J and I don't even drink. However, after a delicious dinner (a fabulous Spanish stew, like shellfish paella without the rice) I decided we could not possibly skip the pub rounds on our only night in Dingle. I am so glad we didn't! We went to four different pubs, but spent the most time in the above, O'Flaherty's, and The Dingle Pub. The music was incredible. So much better than the recordings and even better than the Gaelic Storm concert I saw at last year's Minnesota Irish Fair. It's a really fun atmosphere. The trio at O'Flaherty's was more traditional and drew an older crowd, a mix of European and a few American tourists. The Dingle Pub was a very young, Irish crowd that night listening to the young, loud band.
It was late when I got home and I was exhausted but happy.


ML said...

When we went to Thailand a few years ago, we had planned on spending several days at the end of our trip in Bangkok, where we started out, but we fell in love with the northern city of Chiang Mai and never did go back to Bangkok except to catch our flight home!
I love the name makes me think of "Waking Ned Devine".

athena said...

glad you didn't skip the pub experience. you can't experience ireland without popping into one of the pubs! we have an irish pub in austin that we visit to watch rugby on the big screen.