Monday, August 13, 2007

july 28 dingle

After touring Kilkenny Castle and walking for a bit around the town, we headed for Dingle peninsula on the west coast, a good five hour drive that was much longer for us because of the rain and because it was Saturday. The big red "L" on the back of a car stands for "learner," someone just learning to drive. Those of us who are used to driving on the correct side of the road can pick one up at any gas station and slap it on so that other drivers are wary of us. I did not drive in Ireland, but J didn't feel like it was a big deal. The narrow roads were a big deal, but not driving on the left.

In the first photo you can also see what we referred to as "those nasty hedges." They are untamed bushes on steroids that block out the gorgeous views.

Once on the peninsula, we saw sheep everywhere. There are more sheep than people. They are spray painted, I assume, to distinguish them from neighboring sheep. Dingle is in a Gaeltacht region, an area set aside to preserve traditional Irish culture. There is a lot of agriculture, Irish music, and Irish language. School children go there for summer language camps, and Irish people like to vacation there.

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Karen ~ said...

I was told on my first trip to England (where they have simillar sheep issues) that the color of the dot on the sheep indicated the color of sweater the wool was to be used for. Made sense to me back then (I was about 11) and it's delightfully whimsical to pass on as a story now :-)

That one sheep, though, in the bottom picture - clearly he is being marked to be in the Christmas Pageant. Someone up in heaven is spotlighting him!!!