Sunday, August 19, 2007

july 29 lisbon

We arrived in Lisbon on Monday and J had meetings for several hours. There was not a lot to see of Lisbon in the vicinity of our hotel, so I rested. It was nice to have a little break after our intensive time in Ireland. When J got back we went to see St. George's Castle which had some great views of the city.

What surprised me about Lisbon is that everyone there speaks English. Of course you would expect the people at a business hotel to speak English, but even the cleaning ladies? One man we asked about it attributed the country's English-speaking proficiency to the fact that their t.v. shows are not dubbed. It's all subtitles for the English shows. It's also a mandatory subject in school.


Anonymous said...

These pics remind me of Horatio Hornblower. That is a good one of the two of you.

athena said...

yup, i hate it when movies are dubbed. i prefer reading the subtitles to listening to dubbed voices. when we were in france everyone wondered why we preferred listening to state conference in english. which was a dumb question seeing that english is my first language. but i hate hate listening to the prophet dubbed. :)