Thursday, August 23, 2007

july 31 sintra, pena park

There is a large park that surrounds Pena Palace. I found the Park much more inspiring than the palace. I could have stayed there forever! It was the perfect kind of romantic garden you dream of, with enormous old trees, meandering paths and brooks, little stone buildings, statues here and there. J and I missed the kids horribly while we went through this park because we couldn't help thinking how much they would enjoy it! It seemed so conducive to creative play. In fact, I felt like twenty years had suddenly dropped from my age. I wanted to play hide and seek. I wanted J to build a fort for me. I wanted to make a little tunnel through the ferns. This park was one of my very favorite places on the whole trip.
See that little castle in the pond? It's a duck castle! Wouldn't it be so much better for children?
[Edit: I wish these photos were better. You'll have to take my word for it that this park was magical. It definitely doesn't come through in the photos. I make this note more for myself than for you, gentle readers. When I look back at these pictures years from now, they won't tell me how gorgeous it all was because they don't begin to capture it. Now at least I'll be able to say, "O.k., here I say it was better than the pictures. Sure. That's good." Many, many times on this trip I was wishing for Amity's or Athena's photography skills. Or at least one of their SLRs.]


Julie said...

WOW!!! Once again, GORGEOUS PICS! How lucky for you that you got to go on that fabulous trip!

Montserrat said...

I think I'd have enjoyed the outdoor gardens more too. Thanks for sharing the pics of your trip with all of us.

athena said...

i think you did a fab job of the photo taking. like i said, looking at your pics makes me wish i visited portugal! love the park. always so much nicer than the long lines at palaces. :)