Monday, August 13, 2007


'When Cassandra had attained her sixteenth year, she was lovely and amiable and chancing to fall in love with an elegant Bonnet her mother had just completed bespoke by the Countess of ___ she placed it on her gentle head and walked from her mother's shop to make her fortune.'
Jane Austen writes about the impulse to seize for yourself the possessions and pleasures of the world. London represented all that Jane's country values and country upbringing told her she should resist and deplore. But when she actually experienced 'the Metropolis'... dined in elegance in Orchard Street, went out in Eliza's carriage, was given treats by Eliza, Jane had no instinct to resist or condemn this way of life; on the contrary, she wanted it for herself.
~Jon Spence, Becoming Jane Austen


Karen ~ said...

Is this your way of telling us you want to move in to Buckingham Palace?

Calandria said...

heehee. what, i wouldn't make a good queen?