Friday, August 31, 2007

other blogs not of this world

A regular reader of my blog (it was Mum again) commented to me the other day that she checked out Amity's blog and found that, lo and behold, she'd moved to Dominican Republic! Yes indeedy, the lovely Miss Amity is starting an international school in DR. It's called Academia Internacional de Cabrera. In fact, they've already started!

Furthermore, Athena is holding a photography raffle to benefit Amity's school!!! Ok, have I ever used three exclamation points on this blog? No, folks, I have not. That is how excited I am. Have a look at Athena's beatiful canvas prints. And I neglected to mention that she also now has a site dedicated to her gorgeous photography.

And I just need to take a second to brag that I have actually met in real life these two beautiful, talented ladies. Yup!


Amity said...

I am beyond honored. The exclamations!

When you all coming for suppah around these parts? I can roast a pig!!!!

athena said...

yes, you're lucky to have met me in person because usually i shy away from that sort of thing. i know i say that i would love to, but then i have panic attacks. for sure i could never do those blogher conferences they have every year that everyone in blogger world (or so it seems) rave about. :)

athena said...

sheesh, that badly written. it makes me sound like i'm this great fabulosous person. i better shut-up now before i make a fool of myself. :D