Saturday, August 11, 2007

speaking of the irish...

It was the Minnesota Irish Fair today in St. Paul. Lidia didn't get to dance last year because we were in Maine, so she was very excited to participate. They had three performances and she did great! Her school put on a phenomenal show, but then they always do.

It was sweltering, as you can maybe tell from this photo. (I asked this guy if I could take a photo of his dog because it slightly resembled Petunia, J's parents ugly Chihuahua/Shih Tzu, This dog is much better looking. The guy was very cool about it.) Actually the heat didn't get to me until the last couple hours because we were under a shady tree with a slight breeze blowing most of the time. But yes, we were happy to get home to air conditioning. We are feeling grateful for our electricity. We had a nasty storm last night and some people in the area are still without power.

So I know I posted a lot of photos of the dancers. I just love so much how they look!


athena said...

yup, she looks hot. :-D

miss seeing your aunt not posting.

Calandria said...

yes, i wonder why she hasn't commented lately. auntie? are you out there?