Sunday, September 16, 2007

august 3-5 barcelona

Frankly, I was disappointed. Sometimes it's all about expectations, and my expectations for Barcelona were definitely too high. I had low expectations for Madrid and was pleasantly surprised. (I haven't finished my Madrid report but for some reason I don't feel like writing about that today.) I had read so much about Barcelona and had even planned on moving there!

It was absolutely crawling with tourists. It was often a challenge to walk down the street. It was hot, dusty, stinky, and loud. I had a headache most of the time. I think if I'd seen Barcelona at the beginning of our trip I would have enjoyed it more, but I'd been several days already in the sun and my skin had started reacting to the sub block. I wasn't very fun to walk around with (poor Jorge) because I only wanted to be in the shade.

The photo above is of Las Ramblas, a pedestrian walk that is way over-hyped. It seems it used to be an elegant walk lined with classy shops and restaurants and as I look at the photo it does look nice. But it didn't feel nice. Now it has loads of booths selling tacky tourist stuff.

Without question there were a lot of cool sites and great food. I had my fill of yummy seafood paella! Obviously loads of tourists enjoy Barcelona very much.

The street performers were fun:


Montserrat said...

As Joseph likes to say, "Expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed."

Las Ramblas looks like it would make me feel claustrophobic. Too many people in one spot!

Calandria said...

haha i like joseph's saying.

Auntie Lee said...

They have a living statue festival here every year and I have always wanted to go but haven't. I think it is so cool. I should take the kids.

athena said...

sometimes i enjoy a place better if i don't read any of the tourists books. for sure i don't like going places where all the tourists flock to---but then sometimes that's hard to do.