Friday, September 07, 2007

first week of school

I think everyone's happy.
Georgie: She was nervous about starting seventh grade at an enormous middle school this year. Over 700 kids in her grade. For the past four years she's been either homeschooled or at a very small Spanish immersion school. After her first day, Georgie came in the door with a big smile on her face. She was relieved that she was able to find all her classes. Also, she said her teachers all seem really good. I asked her who was her favorite and she said the English teacher! That must be one fantastic guy. In the past it's been Georgie's least favorite class. Last year she had the Minnesota teacher of the year for English and she still didn't like it. She seems excited about her classes this year. I hope it lasts!
Lidia: She wanted to give homeschool a try for fourth grade so she is enrolled in the Minnesota Virtual Academy. Today we had an open house at Como Zoo. She has had a marvelous attitude about getting schoolwork done this week, even the not-so-fun stuff. Her favorite subject is art. The K12 curriculum, in my opinion, has created fabulous courses in history, science, and art. The art corresponds with the historical period she is studying, scientific revolution through modern times. Lidia did not expect to like history, but it's her favorite after art. Here is a sample of a K12 fourth grade history lesson. And here you can find other sample lessons for other subjects and grades. Georgie did the virtual academy for third and fourth grade and now that I'm teaching again, I remember why we liked it so much.
Marcus: Second grade. Haven't been able to get much out of him. The first thing he said when he got off the bus after the first day was, "I don't get my own desk this year." He seemed really bummed about that. I guess they sit at little tables again for second grade. When I ask him to tell me what he liked best about school today, he talks about gym or lunch. Today was tomato basil soup, his favorite. Luckily, Lidia and I will be going in once a week to help with reading so I'll get to see what's going on in his classroom. If it were left to Marcus to inform me of school doings I'd know nada.
Bernie: Very happy when she got off the bus today because she made a new friend. She laughed as she tried to tell me a joke her friend told her. Because she had Spanish immersion preschool last year, she doesn't seem nearly as bewildered as poor Marcus did when he started kindergarten in Spanish. Bernie started Irish dance today! She tried it last year but stopped after a month or so because she wasn't ready. Her teacher told me after class that she sees a world of difference in Bernie from last year.


Montserrat said...

We're liking the virtual academy too. The best part for me is having it all spelled out. The girls like art the best also.

700 kids in just the seventh grade?! I'd be nervous too! Sounds like they'll do great this year.

athena said...

our children are attending large schools too. i think pascale's school has that many students too. fran├žoise's school has 2,500 students. that's 2,300 more than last year. :-)

Auntie Lee said...

The girls always tell you what is going on at school and the boys don't. I must say though that with my kids, when P. tells me something about school it is important where as when M. tells me something it is 90% bla bla. I guess that means that girls just talk a lot and boys tell you what is important.

It certainly is true that with you kids I have more contact with you then the boys. The boys are often on the computer but they seem to want to chat to others than to old Auntie.