Sunday, September 16, 2007

for montse

I feel bad dissing the birthplace of Montse's and Nestle's grandfather. But you know what, girls? After reading my not-so-positive review of Barcelona, your expectations will not be so high when you go. And you will be pleasantly surprised. You will love it and think, What in heaven's name was Calandria talking about?
Anyway, here are some photos of a place in Barcelona anyone would love. I bring you the Museum of Chocolate:


Karen ~ said...

Oh my GOODNESS! A museum to the most perfect substance ever made by mankind?!?!? But it looks like you don't get to eat any of the exhibits... how sad ... Perhaps they have an amazing gift shop?

Montserrat said...

What a shock to see my name in lights! (HAHA)

That's one museum I'd love to go visit. The exhibits look good enough to eat!

Ness has been to Barcelona before but I haven't ever been, unless you count the time when I was 10 months old. Part of the draw for me is the ancestral history associated with it.

Auntie Lee said...

Brussels and Paris also have chocolate museums. Here they have a number of Bon Bon museums. The BEST thing is the chocolate show held every year in Paris. You will be so surprised.

Out of all the issues the European Union government has taken on in the past 20 years, the definition of what chocolate is has had more money and time put into it than anything else. The big problem is the definition of the fat in the chocolate. Mainland Europeans believe one kind it the best and the British believe only cocoabutter can be used. Like we can't spend money on more important things?

I saw an American with a T-shirt that said, 'I have never had bad chocolate.' Well I thought he has never had American chocolate. After living here with a chocolate addict I just got use to good chocolate. When we are in the States we all get grossed out by the poor quality. To much milk and to much wax. The only American chocolate my kids like is tootsie rolls (which I think is actually taffy) and the inside of Butterfingers (they scrape the chocolate off).

Calandria said...

so you don't eat milky way bars anymore, auntie? :-)

Auntie Lee said...

They don't sell them here;-)

They do have hand-made bon bons which I do on occasion indulge myself in. Unfortunately I can only manage one or so and my old age kicks in.