Tuesday, September 11, 2007

lack of progress

Last night J said he looks forward to being a kept man when I publish my books.

So that was a good laugh.

I mentioned in the last post that I came back from Europe, read what I've written so far of my novel, and greatly disliked it. I don't like the style at all. Also, after visiting Basque country and doing subsequent research on their culture and history I realize that what I've written so far is all wrong. All wrong. I can't remember if I posted on this blog that my book takes place in an imaginary setting based on Basque country. A friend suggested that I not rewrite it all but rather continue with the story and try to write in a different style more to my liking. I have worked on it just a couple times.

I'm not so good with transitions. I mean life transitions, not transitions in writing (though I may not be very good at those either). I probably could find time to work on that novel every day even though I'm homeschooling Lidia now and violin has started up again and I still have about a million papers to turn into the schools and I have a major landscaping project that I'm doing myself.

All of the above plus a load of other stuff prompted that "possibilities" post. I really want to write but I keep making excuses. I'm really good that those. I should teach a class or something.


Karen ~ said...

Well, you could offer a class ... but no one would come, everyone would have an excuse not to show up!

So if J really is to be a kept man, you better find another idea ... I think the book will come (at least that's what I keep telling myself) but it doesn't have to come this week or this month or even this year.

Auntie Lee said...

You know they always say, 'write what you know'. Maybe you could start with something set in New England?