Tuesday, September 04, 2007

last fling

The kids wanted to go out fishing last night. Of course. When do they not want to go fishing? Must be those Conner genes!


DTV said...

I haven't been fishing much. I used to go with our manly cousin but I never seemed to catch much. I think I've caught a total of 4 fish in my whole life. Now my nieces and nephews are living the life I never could.

Auntie Lee said...

Aletha Hemenway loved to fish and she was good at it. The first time I went fishing was at Ripley pond. I can remember it started to rain but I kept catching little fish so I continued in the rain.

The grand kids in Maine are fishing at Shawn's pond now. He has a very little pond and it has catfish in it. You can all go there and let the kids go for it. There are almost too many fish in the pond so they are garanteed to catch something.