Friday, September 21, 2007

not for robots

I discovered a treasure trove at Not for Robots, not so much a blog but rather a collection of essays by Laini Taylor, children's book author and fellow perfectionist, on how she writes. It may be the best advice I've seen on writing because I can tell Laini's mind works a lot like mine does. She obsesses too. In these essays she explains how she gets around it so she can get through that first draft, which she calls an "exploratory" draft. Here she compares that exploratory draft to hacking your way through a jungle with a machete. I loved that metapor!

I'm thinking of making my book historical fiction. I've ordered a bunch of books from the library on Moorish Spain. I'm excited about it again!


athena said...

love the look of her website. her artwork is very inspiring too.

Calandria said...

yes, i thought her art was really cool too. inspiring, as you say.

also, i covet her pink hair. i have NEVER wanted pink hair before, but after seeing hers i thought, man, that's cute.

athena said...

LOL, i can just see you dying your hair pink too.