Sunday, September 23, 2007

sagrada familia

It's only nominally dedicated to the Holy Family. J and I decided this is actually a temple for Gaudi worship. There is a large and extensive shrine to modernist architect Antoni Gaudi within the temple. If it's ever finished, I wonder if they would actually have the gall to hold Christian services there.


athena said...

LOL that was fun to read. can you imagine your children doing church in that building? all the questions not to mention all the oohing and aahing. they sure are spectacular buildings though.

Karen ~ said...

You mean it's SUPPOSED to look like that?!?!? I guess I can admire the skill needed to create it, but at least this part evoked an "ewwww" reaction in me!

ave said...

I agree with karen. The building looks very drippy, and drippy usually means sticky and slimeish. I'm not a fan, but still impressed.