Saturday, September 22, 2007


New habit this week: Hugging my kids every day and telling them I love them. This is easy with my youngest two, but the older two have become a little cuddle-averse. I might have to chase them around the house to get those hugs! So this could meet an exercise goal, too.

Past habits lowdown:

1. Clean speech. I rock.
2. Daily violin practice. I roll.
3. Daily writing. Doing better. I'm excited about my book again and I'm developing an idea for another book. The first book I will need to do a lot of research for but the second I won't so much. I hope to be writing an actual exploratory draft of the second book while I research the first. If that makes sense.
4. Make dinner. I did well! We did not have to go out once this week. A couple of the meals required very little preparation but no one complained and it was cheaper than takeout or a restaurant. Score!


jenn said...

what a fun habit to put into place! i love it! good for you and good for them :O) have a great week and good luck catching those older kids ~jenn

The Lazy Organizer said...

How great that you didn't eat out once! We do better some weeks but on the days we're out running errands we always end up eating out.

athena said...

i can understand the hugging habit. last year i use to walk christian to school and before he walked through the gates hug him. he would tell me that he didn't need hugs so that made me sad. but i do it anyway cause i like to embarrass my kids. LOL.

Montserrat said...

You have another idea for another book? Go Calandria! Great habit to work on - hugging your children. Reminds me of the book "I'll love you forever."