Sunday, October 07, 2007

august 5-7 basque country

I'm so glad our favorite place was the last on our itinerary. Basque country was stunning. It had everything I love: mountains, enormous trees, ocean, and lovely cities. We went the "agriturismo" route and stayed in a basque caserio, a working farmhouse. Ours made cider. The sign at the top showed the way to the caserio we stayed at. The second photo is the little patio where the rooms were located. The third shows the hen house right beside our room. That ended up being my only complaint of this beautiful place. I didn't get much sleep because the people on one side of us went to bed very late and the rooster on the other side crowed at 4am. The last photo is the neighboring farm.


ave said...

Beautiful, I can see why that was your favorite place. Did you drink the water? That is my biggest fear of travel abroad, water poisoning.

Calandria said...

Yes, the water in Basque country was very good. Probably better than what we have here.