Monday, October 15, 2007


Today I had cause to enter the only gated community (to my knowledge) in our suburb. Around here one equates the name of this community with the very wealthy. I had never been in this neighborhood before (someone has to put you on The List for you to make it past the guard at the gate). I must admit I took my time on my way out so I could get a good look at these spreads. Lots of sharply-pitched roofs. Lots of roof, for that matter. These people like a good-sized roof on their house. I saw a Saturn which I assume belonged to a nanny or cleaning lady. There were little signs every several yards proclaiming "We at B------- love our children. 20 mph strictly enforced." How fortunate that they put up these signs, lest someone be under the assumption that the children of B-------- are not loved and thus clip along at the perilous speed of 25 mph.

If I had scads of money there is no way I would waste it on a place in B--------. Sure, there are some nice big trees and attractive little paths, but some of the houses are very unattractive. Garish. The neighborhood is not situated near any conveniences. It is apart. If I had the dough, you would find me near 50th and France, either on the Edina side or maybe in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis. Those neighborhoods are charming. They have lovely neighborhood stores near by. At Christmas time the streets are decorated and it looks like something from the movies. I was at a party a few weeks ago in that area and I thought to myself, if I had bucks, this is where I'd settle.


Karen said...

I AGREE 100%!!!!!

I have been in B----- several times, working on fundraisers held at their country club, and I would NEVER choose to live there. I have never seen any indication that there are any children living at B----- so I think those signs about how loved they are, are just for show. The houses are ostentatious and extremely close together. And I always felt worried someone would report me when I drove in in my 10-year old slightly dented minivan, even though my name was on "the list" to get in! I would not choose to live there and I can't imagine choosing to spend time with those who WOULD choose to live there!!! Let's go hang out in Linden Hills, C - that's my kind of neighborhood!

Mallory said...

Oh please, if you had the money you know you'd snatch up some land on the coast. Don't try to deny it. You can have your mid-west city home for the school-year if you insist, but holidays and summers would be in Maine.

ave said...

JW and his cronies used to find it a thrill to "break in" to those gated communities and throw pebbles at the windows of certain Atto Annies. JW claims that his part in these escapades was always as the "look out" boy, while his friends delighted in thier....whatever they were doing.
So, my point is that gated communities are just asking for trouble from hoodlums.

Auntie Lee said...

I have been in many gated communities in Florida. I also had a friend who lived in one. It was horrible. Her and her husband left after a year. Lots of rules and false propaganda.
People who live in those communities have no civil pride or feelings of community spirit. Their definition of community is only what they dictate it to be. They are escapists who fear the world and all those around them, who care only for themselves and think that giving a pittance to some charity once a year makes them feel important. I have tried many times to have normal conversations with these people but they are so isolated with like minds that they have no conception of the real world.
I understand the theory behind these communities. On paper it sounds great. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all our family and friends living together in the same community? But hey, welcome to the REAL WORLD.

Mama Ava said...

Guilty, too! When I've gotten in, I've cruised the whole place as a complete gawker. I've seen lots of kids when I've been there--and can't imagine growing up there at all. I'm much more "old house with character" than brand new.

Actually, I'm much more "big house on a ranch near a ski slope" if I really have the cash.