Sunday, October 21, 2007

basque country sea

On our second morning in Basque Country before breakfast we drove down from the mountain where we were staying and parked somewhere behind the hills in the first picture. We walked this path down to the beach. Maine girl though I am (and having seen a little of Ireland), I think I have to say that this was one of the most spectacular beaches I've seen. The rock formations were so strange and dramatic. This was also one of my favorite memories of Basque Country. J and I felt alone and secluded on this beach. No one in sight but the horses.


Cocoa said...

The rock formations really are something else. Especially in the second photo. Wow!

athena said...

yikes, look at your husband on the ledge there! freaks me out! but sigh, i'm with you about wide open spaces with not a soul around. being near the ocean is far better though than being in wide open spaces in texas.

ave said...

Are those cliffs chalk?