Sunday, October 28, 2007


[Edit: I first said two and a half but it was actually one and a half.]

I have to tell one on Marcus.

When I said that now I am free to take a shower without fearing someone will, meanwhile, electrocute himself, I was referring to an actual series of events. When Marcus was one and a half, he was enthralled by the Christmas tree. Although, it wasn't actually the tree that interested him so much as the lights. He loved to plug and unplug the lights from the outlet. But that wasn't nearly as thrilling as what he soon discovered: his little fingers, wet with saliva, came into contact with the prongs resulting in one powerful shock. He let out a big wail. Because I'm a country mom, I ascertained that he was fine and then thought, "Ha, no biggie. Guess he won't do that again."

Not so. We had to take the lights off the tree a few days later because he kept going back for more. And more. And more.

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athena said...

he's so cute! and by the sounds of it, curious too. at least he'll have something to laugh about when he gets older. he seems like the kind of kid that might laugh about his scaring tactics. or maybe he could be sensitive.