Tuesday, October 02, 2007

internet down

Since Sunday we' ve had a connection so slow that our browser sometimes won't work. The dsl people don't come until tomorrow. Lidia and I are at the library this morning. Oh, how I love the library. Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without it.

Yesterday was terrible. It was one of those where nothing awful happens, just a long series of annoying things. But tonight I go to the Guthrie so I'm feeling better. Next week is The Seagull and King Lear!


Mama Ava said...

Oh please...extensive posts on "King Lear." I'd give anything to see Ian McKellan in that! I saw him years ago in Richard III at the Ordway. They used a WWII/Nazi motif that was so chilling. I think it was either filmed or made into a movie as well. Lucky you!

Karen ~ said...

Are you seeing Jane Eyre tonight? I am seeing it in a couple of weeks - can't wait!

Calandria said...

I saw Jane Eyre a couple weeks ago. Last night we saw The Home Place.

Yes, I'll definitely post on King Lear!