Sunday, October 28, 2007

the mad scientist

I had a bad attitude leading up to our ward Halloween activity, very much undeserved as it turned out. It was a ton of fun, thanks to creative and hilarious people like this mad scientist. I didn't get a great photo of her candy-making contraption because Lidia's witch's hat was in the way. (Lidia was entranced by the scientist and hung around there. When we were leaving she said she loved the scientist's weird accent.) There were a few others who really went all out decorating their rooms. One room had several games and activities like fishing. There was a very popular treasure hunt created by a family of pirates.

I stand corrected!

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athena said...

ooh i like the new look of your blog. the colour AND the print. nice choices.

PS i enjoyed our trunk or treat this year too. maybe because i was participating. :)