Monday, October 22, 2007


We only allow the highest culture and most edifying activities in our home.


dtv said...

It's like they have Gram's glasses on...without the glasses on part.

ave said...

Are those chocolate eye balls?

Karen ~ said...

It's sure a good thing you don't let your kids watch junk TV or who knows how gross they would act!!! Fake body parts, nasty faces ... ewww!!

dave said...

Beautiful photos, perfect to save for the wedding receptions.

After reading your comment over on my space that Mormons seldom turn up in classic literature, I thought of two examples in classic (or at least old) literature where we do turn up. First, I remember a Mormon missionary shows up on a train ride in Around the World in 80 Days. It's not a flattering portrayal. And second, the first ever Sherlock Holmes novel (A Study in Scarlet) has an appearance by Brigham Young and the Danites, also not flattering.

So we do pop up here and there, but definitely not as much as today. (I just today encountered a reference to Mormon missionaries in Isabel Allende's relatively recent La Ciudad de las Bestias.)

athena said...

that's funny.

in response to dave's comments, mormons are mentioned in some of mark twain's writings too. also ralph moody's book on the old trail west (he was an avid lover of horses and pioneer travel).

Calandria said...

dtv, you make me laugh.

ave, yes, they are chocolate eyeballs. and now we only have the peanut butter filled ones left.

karen, it seems my kids don't need further encouragement in the gross department. they could write their own t.v. shows.

dave, i do remember the 80 Days one. it bugged me but it was kind of funny, too. i've heard about the A Study in Scarlet but haven't read it. i've also read some of Mark Twain's thoughts on Mormons mentioned by Athena. he was not at all flattering. but I was able to laugh, still. we do need to be able to laugh at ourselves (and the writers, too) to some extent. i've found that i don't take unflattering views of mormons found in older works very personally. i wonder if this is because i have no western mormon ancestors. i find the early history of our church and the early members interesting, but i simply don't feel that it is MY history. i don't know if i'm explaining myself well.