Saturday, October 13, 2007


[Edit: I forgot to report on my hugging the kids and telling them I love them every day goal! I did pretty well, though that eldest daughter still escapes me sometimes. :-)]

This week was so much better than last.
I loved reading with my children this week. I used to read to them a lot but stopped for some reason. The past year or two our reading together has been less frequent. I need to do this because it is one way we can connect. I'm not always great at connecting with my children. I struggle to start meaningful conversations with them. I'm not good at getting them to work with me like J does. I don't like to play with them. But reading? That I can do. We've even done a lot of reading in Spanish, which they usually object to. Now that we're reading more in English they are more accepting of Spanish reading time.
Other habits:
Make dinner: Did it! I even tried some new recipes like taco soup and English muffin pizzas, both big hits with my family.
Daily writing: I didn't do well on this, actually. Also, this will be the last time I post on SMART Saturday about this habit. I'm going to be doing something new with it.
Violin practice: Didn't do it every day, but almost.
Clean speech: Doing well.
No new habits this week.


Cocoa said...

So what books are you reading together?

Kassie said...

Great habit to work on. It's probably has more impact than most. Good luck!

Rebecca said...

I enjoy reading to my kids but it's also an easy thing for me to forget about. Have a great week!

Calandria said...

Cocoa, we get big stacks of books from the library and I go through those with my two youngest. My 5 yr old daughter loves fairy tales. My 7-yr-old son prefers anything nonfiction that has to do with science. I'm reading the book 21 Balloons with my 9 yr old daughter and the 7 yr old. We love this one! Very exciting and outrageous.

Calandria said...

Oh, and Cocoa, next on our list is Little Britches. A favorite of yours, right?

The Lazy Organizer said...

We love little britches too. I need to get the rest off the series for my kids. Great habits!

jenn said...

hope you are having a SMART week and enjoying the time spent reading with the kids. i love that you are playing the violin. i think it is so important to have something you love just for yourself. take care