Thursday, November 22, 2007

chocolate pecan

Can you tell I'm just a little proud of this pie? I made it yesterday using Nessa's crust recipe. We'll see if it tastes as good as it looks. The crust should taste good because it has enough shortening in it to grease... I don't know what. Words fail me. O.k., every commentor on this post must say what this pie has enough shortening in it to grease.
I've never tried chocolate pecan before. I randomly picked a recipe of the internet.
We have light snow today. Looks pretty.


Michelle said...

Grease a pig?

Love the star fluting. Very nice. High marks on the aesthetic value. I hope that it tastes as good as it looks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

k. said...

Enough grease to grease all the piglets at the Piscataquis County Fair before putting them in a pen for the children to catch. =)

k. said...

oh, and it looks amazing! I bet it is as good as it looks!

Karen ~ said...

Grease The Donald's hair back?

(Ewww.... sorry)

I made a pecan pie too (no chocolate) but your little crust stars are FABULOUS! I am so impressed :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Calandria said...

Haha! I like all of your uses for grease. Didn't you guys always get a pig at the fair, K.? We never did, weirdly enough. I mean, we did live on a farm.

Ok, I'll confess the first thought that came to mind about the grease: There is enough shortening in this pie to grease up a world championship bodybuilder.

The chocolate pecan pie was really good. The crust was more like shortbread. Maybe because I was singing "Mama's little babies love shortening, shortening..." the whole time I was making it. I liked the added chocolate because it cut down a little on the over-sweetness of the pecan pie filling.

Cocoa said...

I was going to say enough shortening to grease a cowgirls hips so she can slid into her tight Wranglers for the rodeo. ;D

The pie looks delicious!

Mama Ava said...

A pig. Not at all original, but since I've had to actually grease a pig and catch it, I can tell you that's a lot of grease.

We lived in Philadelphia for 4 months when we were first married. We would go to Reading Terminal on the weekends where the Amish had a great lunch counter selling chicken soup, pies, etc. Everything made with lots of lard and butter and fat.

Did I mention everything was DELICIOUS?

Mama Ava said...

BTW, did anyone else notice that Calandria was able to coordinate her pastry and her pendant?

Very classy!

Calandria said...

I'm talented that way.

ave said...

So did the pie taste good? I like cocoa's greasy comment the best!

ave said...

Oh yeah, and I am jealous of your star necklace. I want one.

Calandria said...

The pie tasted really good. I got the necklace at Kohls.