Tuesday, November 27, 2007

civic duty

A couple weeks ago I opened up a BYU Magazine to see there on the first page a call for alumni to remember their civic duty, inform themselves of the candidates and issues, and vote. Don't be cynical, it said.

I took it to heart and that night I watched the Democratic debate on CNN. I am sad to report that I am still cynical, but I begin to be fascinated by Hillary Clinton. When she was in the White House the first time I never took her seriously because she seemed so desperate to be taken seriously and of course I had to be contrary. I didn't think anyone else would take her seriously. Then people started hating her and I couldn't see reason for that. Not that she was beneath contempt, exactly, but I simply didn't think her worthy of much thought. And then she announced her run for Senate and I laughed. And then she won and I thought, "Those New York flakes" because that's what Mainers think. I mean, what in heaven's name did Hillary Clinton have to recommend her for a Senate seat? And then I started to hear that she was the Democratic shoo-in for the next presidential election. I didn't laugh but I did think, "Whoa, doggies! What is going on here?"

I am beginning to understand now why she is where she is. She is one savvy campaigner. She is one tireless campaigner. She is connected to Bill, who people cannot help but like. It really is too bad she does not seem fit for the office of president because I think she wants it more than any other candidate. She is becoming very good at making herself appear intelligent, decisive, and competent. I honestly wish that were really the case but I fear it is not. I think she would make a very poor president indeed. However, given our current presidential situation, probably most people are thinking it could not possibly get worse.


ave said...

I listened to this rather crude but histarical faux campaign blurb for H.Clinton on Glenn Beck. It had something to do with a woman voting for her because after all we share the same parts. The add was a jest, but sadly I think some women will vote for her because of gender.

Auntie Lee said...

As an American you may simply not be use to the idea of seeing a woman in this higher political arena. Not that I am being critical but Americans just don't see that often. Maybe that is why you may have under-estimated her. I don't know if she is any different than any of the other candidates on either side.

Calandria said...

I don't think I have a problem with a woman as president. I would not laugh at Nancy Pelosi as a potential candidate nor Condoleeza Rice. These are women who seem competent to me. I don't even usually think of Hillary as a woman, so I don't think that's it.

Margaret Thatcher. Indira Gahndi. I may not agree with their politics but I would never dismiss them.

Auntie Lee said...

I would definitely not like Condeleeza Rise as president. Bush has totally ruined America’s international reputation so we really do not need someone to make it worse. I am so amazed that she if Sec of State. There must have been someone better. I guess they needed another yes man (woman). A president needs to be more than that.