Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The Republican YouTube debate was so much more exciting than the Democrat debate a few weeks ago. They really went after each other. Too bad so much time was wasted on issues I care nothing about.

O.k., not that I don't care about abortion. I'm not going to go into my personal views on it because it would go on too long and take a lot of thought and careful writing for me to articulate it (thank heavens I don't have to speak in soundbites). I don't think that Roe v. Wade can be overturned in this country, but there is so much we can do to reduce the number of abortions. Why aren't we talking about that? Democrats don't because that would suggest they think women's choice should be limited. Republicans won't because they might possibly look pro-choice if they talk about anything except getting Roe v. Wade overturned.

I am getting so sick of the immigration talk. Not because I don't think there are some real problems relating to it, but because I have yet to hear anyone suggest a practical solution. To me, providing a way to legalization for those who are here seems like the only practical solution. Call me a flaming liberal. Yes, they did break the law when they came in illegally, but what are we going to do about it now? Send them all back? I know that is what some have proposed but I have never heard anything more ridiculous. Can you imagine? That would cost more than the war and would probably prove about as successful.

Politicians will go on and on about buying American goods and protecting American jobs. To me it looks like many of the high-paying blue collar jobs have moved out of this country and for good. Why aren't we talking about educating our citizens for a new and exciting future rather than holding onto a past that is obsolete? We're like five-year olds who don't want to give up the ratty blankie to go to kindergarten.

I don't seem to care who of the Republican candidates owns a gun.

Why no questions on Iran? Education? Health care?

I did like the Muslim woman's question about how the U.S. will repair its international reputation and specifically its bad rap with Muslims. I thought Guiliani's response was not so great. He said we will not blame the group for what a few individuals have done. To me that doesn't answer the question.

Huckabee had a good night.

Romney seems decisive, energetic, and intelligent. And he's so handsome. Unfortunately, he has a liberal past to deal with that I think will keep him from getting elected. I think that's turning into a bigger problem for him than the Mormon issue. I still like to think that people really don't hold it against him that he's Mormon. I like to think we've moved beyond that.


ave said...

I think that the biggest concern with legalizing all the illegal immigrants is the fear that our medicaid and welfare system would be taxed so badly that it would pretty much break a bank that is already broken. Many alarmist type people think that we are headed toward depression, we've all heard that one before, but it could be true.
I think that people like Guliani because he is a little gritty and common. I still plan to make my romney t-shirt that says "vote pretty" with his face on the front.

Cocoa said...

Haha! Like Ave's T-shirt idea.

I watched part of the debate last night and some more of the reshowing this morning. I was impressed with both Romney and Huckabee.

Calandria said...

A recent study shows that illegals are not a burden to the health care system while another shows that they take welfare more often than citizens. Anyway, I still think capturing them all and "sending them back" would be farcical.

I would wear a t-shirt with Romney's face on the front.

Guiliani does seem gritty and common and sometimes I like him a little. But he's not eloquent at all. He's too much like Bush. I can't see how he would be an improvement.

Huckabee seemed the most relaxed and personable last night. He got two big laughs too with the "Jesus was way too smart to ever run for public office" and "let's send Hillary to Mars."

Julie said...

I love reading your blog, Calandria! You give such great food for thought. I have to admit I haven't been paying attention enough to this to have an opinion of my own (being from Canada) but I have heard/read friends and relatives talking about it and feel my interest perking up. It's great to hear someone else's opinions.

Karen ~ said...

You and I really do think alike on so many issues. And I agree with your nutshell analysis about why candidates choose to (or are told they have to) polarize themselves. It's really too bad that so many people distrust moderation, even though it is what they themselves do in their own lives.

Auntie Lee said...

I kept waiting for the health care thing to pop-up and was surprised and not surprised it did'nt. No one wants to deal with it. I was surprised they mentioned the huge spending Bush has done the past 8 years. My social security is completely gone to an illegal war. I thought they would ignore that but it was touched upon. I don't think it really matters who is chosen in the end. Their good intentions always seem to get pushed aside for special interest groups and big business anyway.

Romney pretty? You girls have been smoking something funny.

Calandria said...

Oh go on, Auntie. We know you have a thing for Ron Paul, but he's not everyone's cup of tea.

Auntie Lee said...

Now I KNOW you've been smoking something. Actually I did find it refreshing that someone had the guts to bring up things most candidates ignore. It would be nice if politicians were not so politician like. That smooth talking negating crap is not for me.

athena said...

i like ron paul too.