Friday, November 02, 2007

fixing it

Oops! I read Montse's post on this but didn't see that she tagged me. Athena is more clever than I at coming up with funny ones but I'll give it a go.

It's supposed to be 5 life classes to "fix my sorry existence" but I'm including some self-help titles:

1. Counting Sheep: Beating Insomnia 999...1000...1001

2. Anti-Perfectionism 101-102 Accelerated.

3. Anti-Procrastination 99 Remedial.

4. How to Survive Being the Ward Activities Committee Co-Chair

5. The Moms' Book: How to be the Best at Everything. Lidia has The Girls' Book but I think there should be a Mom version. But maybe if I take the Anti-Perfectionism class first I can skip this one...

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Mallory said...

It sounds like Lidia and I have a whole lot in common. I'm pretty sure I came out with the first edition of that book. I'd be very interested in reading her revisions.

Tell her it is important to remember that you can never be better than absolutely everyone at absolutely everything - which shows that she can be the best at accepting the cold hard facts. It also proves that she is the best at being accepting of her faults, while still being the best at acknowledging what she really is the best at, which we all know is just about everything.