Friday, November 23, 2007


I should have posted this yesterday but didn't get the chance.

I'm grateful for husband who thinks I'm a babe and puts up with my crazy dreams. Not just puts up with them, but nourishes them.

For my children who teach me every day how to be kind, forgiving, loving, and wise.

For my kin, who love me in spite of my weirdness and even read this blog.

For the weird ways of my kin. Thanks merciful heavens we're not normal.

For the sun.

For a merciful Heavenly Father who hasn't given up on us.


Auntie Lee said...

What wierd ways? I thought we were normal (well except for Shawn...ya, he's wierd...hee hee)

Auntie Lee said...

Wiat....colorful... ya, that's better...not wierd just colorful^.^