Monday, November 12, 2007

historically speaking

We continue studying history as a family. On Saturday we read about the New Kingdom of Egypt. I read aloud about Thutmose I and his expansion of the Egyptian empire. However, Thutmose's conquest of the Nubians was not nearly as interesting to the kids as the pronunciation of his name. Why, of why, did I have to say "Toot-mose"? Why could I have not foreseen the hilarity and said, "Tut-mose" instead?

"Tootmost? His name was Tootmost?" asks Lidia. And the rest was history.

I had to switch to "T-Mo" for the rest of the chapter. Sheesh. You would have thought I'd learned my lesson by the time I got to "Tutankhamen."

"What? 'Toot-in-common?'" says Lidia.

Ay ay ay.

The worst was Sunday afternoon after stake conference. We were driving home and the kids said something that reminded J and me and about the prior afternoon.

"That is the only thing that our kids will remember about Egyptian history. 'Oh yeah, Egypt,' they'll say. 'There was this pharoah named 'Tootmost,'" I said.

"They won't even remember his real name!" J said.. "It's not 'Tootmost.' It's 'Tootmore.' Oh! I mean..."

He was not trying to joke. He really remembered it as "Tootmore." I started the silent laugh, alternately holding my cramped stomach and wiping helplessly at my streaming mascara. It was one of those times that I laugh so hard I cried. And I don't mean that my eyes watered while I laughed. They always do that. I mean I started crying and actually feeling sad. I stopped laughing. Maybe because my stomach hurt? (Am I the only one this happens to? Is that what they call "hysterics?") I thought we were going to swerve off the road because J was also laughing so hard he couldn't drive well. We were weaving.

Obviously it's not as funny in print. You had to be there.


Cocoa said...

Glad we aren't the only family that does that!

Julie said...

I laugh just reading about it! :-)
By the way, I got a new blog - again. This one I mean to keep up. It's my "reward". It's back on wordpress 'cause I like wordpress better.

mom said...

Oh, I pictured everyone as you described it and had a very satisfying laugh. Lidia has quite a sense of humor.

athena said...

that's funny. it reminds me of my primary class. at the end of each lesson i always ask the children what they learned (or what they're going to tell their parents what they learned) and they always tell me something totally unrelated to the lesson. my jaw always drops and i've even had to say "you're not going home to tell your parents that!!" LOL.

ave said...

what a riot!